Our Collections

Art-wave Design

Our Art-wave Collection is an innovative product for stone processing and design.  It is the result obtained from 5-axis computer numerical control cutting machines. which precisely creates specific design and geometrical figures engraved on natural stone slabs.  The effect that results from each design creates a natural light and shadow contrast, which brings out the natural beauty of the stone.  It is used to create elegant, warm, and stylish living environments. This modern leading-edge process is the beginning of a new era for natural stone and design!    




 3-D Textured Surfaces

Our 3-D Textured Surfaces Collection is another line of products that is created through 5-axis computer numerical control cutting machines. For the 3-D Textured Surface multidimensional design is used to be engraved in natural stone slabs. Multidimensional structures give an energetic and intense contemporary style to the stone, which results in an extraordinary sharp effect.  This effect is enhanced by the light and shadow contrast, created by the engraving, generating a unique sensational motive.  




Tables Design

Our Table Design Collection consist of a simple, linear and elegant composition which enhance the beauty and preciousness of Natural Stone.  The tables are made exclusively of pure natural stone, to include table counter-top and table legs.  Our Tables Design can be adapted to any living environment bringing a unique 'personality' ambiance to an office or a household.  Also, the contemporary design combined with the elegance and richness of the natural stone creates a 'one of a kind' furnishing article.



Create your own!

Having some new stone design idea in mind?  ..... now you can accomplish it!  

Our 5-axis computer numerical control machine can create any design on your selection of natural stone. We can work with you through all the process .... just let us know how we can be of help!